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How important is sporting talent?

Sporting talent is not a prerequisite, though it contributes to a strong application. Click here for more on the selection criteria.

Any racial prescriptions or preferences?


What happens if the Geleentheid scholars fail an academic year?

The scholarship will be withdrawn. All efforts are, however, made to address the problem early and avoid the situation where the scholarship is withdrawn. This has only happened once in the organisation’s history.

Where does the money go?

Around 90% of the money is spent directly on the scholars in the form of school fees, weekly allowance, extra classes and other support. A further 10% is spent on psychometric testing as part of the selection process. A minimal amount is spent on overheads – largely only banking fees.

The trust is audited annually and the financial statements are available upon request.

Do the scholars receive any other support?

Yes, the scholars meet with a mentor every month. The mentor addresses any development problems and arranges things like transport, access to facilities and extra classes where necessary.

How does the tax deductibility work?

At the end of the financial year every donor is sent a tax certificate. Amounts donated can be deducted from taxable income, and hence relieves the donors’ tax burden.

What type of candidates are we looking for?

Read more here.

How are candidates chosen?

Read more here.

What are the Trust details?

Name: Geleentheid Trust
Registration number: 3551/09

Trustees: Michiel le Roux (founder), Emile van Biljon (founder)

PBO status: Income tax exempt and Section 18A approved
PBO reference number: 930032759

NPO status: Registered NPO
NPO reference number: 079-543-NPO